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12. preporaki kam avtoritee1. Manuscripts should be presented in two identical copies typed or printed on standard- sized pages (A4, 30 lines, 60-66 symbols per line) and sent by mail to the postal address of the journal and by e-mail.


2. Write the author’s names under the title of the manuscript in the following order: First name with an initial and a full-stop , family name and affiliation. Use Arabic numerals for the consecutive affiliations.


3. The required length of the manuscripts is:

  • Original articles 5-6 pages (abstract not included) with up to 10 references  

  • Review articles 10-15 pages with up to 20 references

  • Casereports ( therapeuticalordiagnosticmethods) 3 pages.

  • Critical reviews – 3 pages


4. Each manuscript should consist of the following sections: Background, Patients and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and References.


5. Type or print out the references on a separate page.

For Articles: Number the references consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text (not alphabetically). Identify references in the text, tables, and legends by Arabic numerals in parentheses. List all authors when they are three or fewer; when there are more than three, list the first three, followed by “et al”.The names of all authors are cited in inverted order- first the family name, followed by initials. The journal names are given in the abbreviated form in the style used in Index Medicus, followed by the year of publication, volume number, the month and issue number and inclusive page numbers. 

For Booksand monographs:  List the name of the author(s), title, place of publication, publisher and date.

6. Present the abstract (up to 15 lines) in Bulgarian and in English language in three identical copies. Include up to 5 key words or phrasesfor subject indexing (use terms from the MedicalSubject Headings from Index Medicus).


7. Figures, diagrams, formulae, pictures 90x120m should be sent on separate pages with a consecutive number, title, explanation text and a legend. They should beprofessionallydesigned and photographed; freehand or typewrittenlettering is unacceptable. Send sharp, glossy, blackand-white photographic prints.


8. Tables. Type or print out each table on a separate sheet of paper or include them in the text. Number tablesconsecutively in the order of their first citation inthe text and give the number of the table in theleft-hand margin. Supply a brief title for each.


9. In the end of the manuscript, on a separate page write the name and the address for correspondence of the first author.


10. Send the manuscripts to the postal and electronic addresses of the editorial board:

Prof. Stefan Goranov, MD, PhD, DSc

Clinic of Clinic Hematology

University Hospital “St.Georgi”

15 “Vassil Aprilov” blvd.

Plovdiv 4002, Bulgaria

Tel/fax : 032 602 481

e-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .